Waste business

The Veolia Group is the world's leading global company in the field of complex energy, water and waste management. In the waste management sector, the companies belonging to the company group contribute to environmentally conscious waste management by managing and disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

In 2017, the Veolia group became one of the largest players in the Hungarian waste recovery sector with the purchase of the former ARW Magyarország Kft.

The company, named Veolia Waste Hungary Kft. since 2021, is a specialist company of the Hungarian Veolia Group dealing with non-hazardous waste management, and has significant experience in the field of waste management, including waste sorting, waste pre-treatment, waste recycling and waste trade.

Veolia Waste Hungary Kft. is one of the significant players in the Hungarian environmental protection industry. The company operates a modern waste treatment plant in the Transdanubian region. The Vasvár RDF plant uses modern technology to produce SRF (solid recycled fuel) from energetically useful waste that utilizes the synergies of our company group.

Veolia Waste Hungary Kft., which employs 36 people, has an annual recycling capacity of 50,000 tons of RDF waste. Their primary mission is to optimize existing recycling processes, reduce the amount of by-products generated, and utilize biodegradable waste.

In addition to the SRF material streams it recycles, the company's commercial activity also extends to other recycled material streams (PET, foil, paper, etc.), so Veolia Waste Hungary Kft. has unique knowledge and experience in the various segments of waste management and trade.

In addition to environmentally conscious waste management, our goal in Hungary and in the Central-Eastern European region is to implement the circular economic model and to expand our waste management service based on the company group's extensive knowledge base and professional experience. Thus, after the energy and water utilities sectors, we can also provide our partners with solutions and technologies in the field of waste treatment and industrial waste management, which, while protecting natural resources, enable them to realize their strategic and economic goals, in accordance with the criteria of the circular economy.