Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. has considerable experience in the design, renovation and implementation of network-related works of art.
The construction and renovation of any hydraulic artefact or equipment can be considered a daily task.


Lifting station and wastewater treatment plant

The activities of Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. include the design, construction and renovation of hydraulic networks and structures such as stormwater tanks, risers and special structures. For industrial customers, it offers solutions for the compliance of their equipment with regulations, such as the separation of rainfall and wastewater systems, the installation of a hydrocarbon separator, the construction of a gas storage tank or an outlet structure.
The company also builds sewage and sludge treatment plants for its customers, which can operate with different technologies and meet any treatment capacity requirement. In addition to the design and construction of new works, it undertakes the renovation or capacity expansion of existing works of art.


Drinking water treatment plants

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. has acquired considerable expertise in the field of drinking water treatment aimed at filtering substances harmful to human health (iron, manganese, arsenic). The improvement of water quality is achieved by applying different technologies, using a sand filter or a membrane filter.


Other hydraulic artefacts

Since its establishment, Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. has maintained the water assets (continuous supply of water, protection of residents, protection of water quality...) entrusted to service providers and municipalities: fountains, drinking water reservoirs, water towers, by strictly adhering to the commitments made to its customers.

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