Mobile water and wastewater services

The water and wastewater specialist Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) performs service tasks in more than 50 countries around the world through its local subsidiaries. VWS's wide selection of technology and services, as well as its design and construction experience, meet the broad and diverse needs of the industry.

Mobile deionization unit

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers the AQUAMOVE™ service to both production units and other facilities in industries that use purified water.
The AQUAMOVE™ fleet consists of several water treatment systems using different technologies, which can be used separately or as a complete system in different configurations (single frame systems, mobile containers, truck trailers).
The AQUAMOVE™ service can be rented in the event of an emergency, both for planned periodic and long-term tasks in the following water treatment areas:

  • boiler and turbine feed water, closed circulation water circuits;
  • technological waters;
  • cooling waters;
  • drinking water service;
  • waste water treatment.


Deionization units

The Aquamove MODi® 15000 produces two streams of deionized water through mobile cation, anion, and mixed bed ion exchange units on a 45-foot articulated, insulated trailer structure. The maximum yield of the two water streams is 70 m3/h (together 150 m3/h), their conductivity is up to 0.1 μS/cm, and the silica content is 200 ppb at the end point.

Reverse osmosis units

  • Mid-term intermittent solution;
  • Flexible, modular, compact superstructure systems;
  • The output of the units is 25 m3/h each;
  • Treated water conductivity: <5 μS/cm;
  • No need for regeneration;
  • Cost-efficient solution;
  • A pre-treatment service can also be ordered.


Fast availability

The AQUAMOVE service is available every day of the year (depending on the customer's geographical location).

For more information, contact our staff!