Veolia in Hungary

Veolia is one of the market leader groups in Hungary in the energy, water and waste management industries. The Group employs approximately 3,000 people who provide professional services for various towns, institutions and industrial businesses enabling them efficient resource management, while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water for hundreds of thousands of families, and heating services to tens of thousands of households.

Energy management

Veolia with its more than 30-year professional experience is a determining participant of the Hungarian energy market. The energy branch of the company group provides energy to various institutions of 57 local municipalities, 62 social and health institutions and 56 industrial plants, while its district heating networks supply 270,000 residential and institutional customers nationwide. In the ten power plants of the company group (in Pécs, Dorog, Kőbánya, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Szakoly, Ajka and in the three power plants of the Power Plant of Budapest) operate high-efficiency natural gas blocks and blocks utilizing renewable energy (biomass).

Water management

In Hungary Veolia supplies 17.2 million cubic metres of healthy drinking water to people annually while it manages a system that drains and disposes of 164.8 million cubic metres of wastewater and rainwater. It employs more than 1500 professionals to ensure that the services provided to municipalities are always of high quality and meet the requirements of municipalities. 

Waste management 

The mission of Veolia’s Waste management division is to sort and to recycle the waste in order to preserve the natural resources. Its activity covers the safe and professional disposal and recycling of special industrial waste, treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, production RDF/SRF for energetic reuse, as well as recycling of biowaste.

Energy (2023)

1 468 M€ turnover

1 616 employees

10 power plants

31 gas powered small powerplants

District heating services in 16 cities

District heat production in 33 cities

404 249 flats and institutions supplied with district heating services

57 industrial clients

68 social and healthcare facilities

72 municipal and public institutions

2 947 235 MWh electricity provided

11 571 012 GJ heat energy provided

Water (2023)

20.4 M€ turnover

523 employees

163 000 customers supplied

356 000 inhabitants supplied

15.2 million m3 healthy drinking water

22.3 million m3  wastewater and rainwater drainage and treatment

Waste (2023)

2.5 M€ turnover

11 employees

25 000 tons of RDF/SRF production capacity

2749 airbags recycled