Veolia in Hungary

Veolia is one of the market leader groups in Hungary in the energy, water and waste management industries. The Group employs approximately 2,500 people who provide professional services for various towns, institutions and industrial businesses enabling them efficient resource management, while the water utility and district heating branches of the company supply drinking water for hundreds of thousands of families, and heating services to tens of thousands of households.

Energy economy related service

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Veolia with its more than 20-year professional experience is a determining participant of the Hungarian energy market. The energy branch of the company group provides energy to various institutions of 50 local municipalities, 85 state-owned and public buildings, 30 health institutions and 31 industrial plants, while its district heating networks supply 109,000 residential and institutional customers nationwide. In the six power plants of the company group (in Pécs, Dorog, Kőbánya, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, and Szakoly) operate high-efficiency natural gas blocks and blocks utilizing renewable energy (biomass).


Water utility services


In Hungary Veolia supplies 14 million cubic metres of healthy drinking water to people annually while it manages a system that drains and disposes of 203 million cubic metres of wastewater and rainwater. It employs more than 1600 professionals in order to ensure that the services provided to municipalities are always of high quality and meet the requirements of municipalities. 


Waste management services 

The waste incineration plant of Veolia located in Dorog is one of the largest plants of this kind in Hungary, the plant primarily focuses on the complex disposal of hazardous wastes, and the destruction of products and goods seized by the customs services, however, the services offered by the plant also include the pre-treatment and recycling of different types of waste. The Dorog incineration plant currently employs 80 people, and it can incinerate up to 35,000 tons of waste in a year on average. The modernization of the incineration plant and developments enhancing the protection of environment are considered by Veolia to be of utmost importance which is why it  spent HUF 300 million on them in recent years. 


Energy (2017)
Revenue of HUF 55.1 billion

1050 employees

7 power plants, 28 gas powered small power plants

District heating for 13 500 homes in 12 cities

District heat production for 117 000 homes and other consumers in 24 cities

200 energy efficiency contracts for 31 industrial sites, 28 healthcare facilities and 50 municipalities

1000 000 tons of domestic biomass utilisation for energy purposes

750GWh electricity provided

6700 TJ heat energy provided


Water (2017)
Revenue of HUF 45,8 billion

More than 1500 employees

798 000 customers

2,1 million inhabitants

15 million m3 healthy drinking water annually

197 million m3 drainage and treatment of waste water and rainwater annually

Waste management

Waste management (2017)

Revenue of HUF 13,2 billion

235 employees

130 000 tons of waste treatment and utilisation

80 000 tons of RDF-production capacity