Veolia's new strategic program to accelerate the deployment of affordable, replicable solutions that depollute, decarbonize and regenerate our resources.

Called "GreenUp", the new 24-27 strategic program aims to make Veolia the missing link in ecological transformation.

Veolia is paving the way for a more sustainable and desirable future by accelerating the deployment of solutions that already exist and innovating to create those of tomorrow.

Drawing on its expertise in water, energy and waste, Veolia intends to decarbonize, depollute and regenerate resources through three growth boosters, supported by investments of 2 billion euros.

The ecological awareness must now be channelled towards effective action, which protects rather than punishes, which reconciles the economy with ecology, and human health with the environment. This is the meaning of our new strategic programme: GreenUp!

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia

€4 bnof growth investments, of which €2 bn are prioritized on 3 growth boosters.

x2with an additional €200 million invested in industrial pilots or in the acquisition of new technologies to add to our almost 5,000 patents.

70%of sales to be generated by growth boosters vs. 30% today.

Decarbonization18m tonsof CO2 erased in 2027 (scope 4) & emission reduction trajectory compatible with 1.5°C warming (scope 1&2).

Depollution10m tonsof hazardous waste and pollutants treated in 2027.

Regeneration1.5 bn m3of fresh water saved in 2027.