Water treatment

Industrial water treatment

In addition to wastewater treatment, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. is also a leader in the technological preparation of water used in industrial processes, as well as in the comprehensive planning and implementation of these systems.
During the provision of water and wastewater services to various sectors, the company has gained serious references and extensive experience in the development and implementation of water treatment technologies related to industrial processes, from laboratory-scale systems to large-scale design and construction projects. With the available know-how and professional background, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. provides its domestic partners with reliable and effective solutions for water-related problems arising during various technological and production procedures, regardless of industry.

Problem recognition

The specialists of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt., after learning about the given technology and production process, define the parameters according to the quality requirements for the chemical reaction or operation in which water is included - either as a component or as a medium. In order to determine the quality requirements of industrial waters, the purpose and circumstances of water use, as well as the type and structural design of water-using equipment are examined. After that, depending on the nature of cooling water, food industry water, technological "fine water", high purity water for the pharmaceutical industry, or other industrial water, the task is to develop and apply different procedures and technologies.

Design, implementation

Following the determination of the parameters according to the purposes of use, the required amount of water, and the development of the appropriate technological process, the specialists of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. provide a full range of licensing, planning and construction project management services. After selecting the most appropriate procedure, we offer the installation and long-term operation of the internationally tested and recognized filtration, membrane, disinfection and various other combined systems available in VWS' arsenal.

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