Virtual power plant (VPP)

Virtual power plant (VPP) solutions are one of the most innovative areas of the energy sector. A VPP enables the digital connection and integrated production management of small power plants, ensuring that their operation is linked to real-time consumer needs, and the electricity they produce in this way is sold in various market segments: on the Hungarian Electricity Exchange (HUPX), OTC market or ancillary services market.

As the volume of renewable, mostly weather dependent energy production increases, this solution will play an important role in balancing energy production due to its flexible capacities. It plays an important role in maintaining grid stability, reliability and overall efficiency, as well as helping accommodate different renewable energy resources. The linked power plants are managed and operated through one control centre as an integrated, complex system overcoming the physical distance. Virtualization provides the opportunity to include existing and new technological solutions in the system to mix technical and commercial solutions. Veolia is constantly looking for and applying innovative and efficient solutions in order to serve the needs of its partners at the highest possible level, which is why it decided to increase its power plant portfolio by purchasing a 51 percent share of CHP-ERŐMŰ Kft. for it to become a significant player in the regulatory market. Currently, the virtual power plant combines the installed capacity of 49 gas engines with a total installed capacity of 120.4 MW, whose flexible production management provides it with an efficient market presence. Veolia’s project portfolio has been continuously expanding since 2005, reaching 75 MW installed secondary capacity.