Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. pays particular attention to the various energy networks. Its expertise also covers construction, reconstruction, development, connection and maintenance.


District heating networks

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. has been building district heating networks throughout the country for more than ten years. Thanks to his experience, he easily adapts to special construction conditions, so laying cables at great depths is no problem for him.


Natural gas transmission and distribution networks

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. is the market leader in the field of gas construction, as well as in the construction of new networks, and in the rehabilitation of existing networks.
Thanks to the tying techniques it uses, customers can expect a reliable end result. It has outstanding references not only in the construction of small-diameter networks in settlements, but also in laying several kilometers of large-diameter transmission lines.


Geothermal energy

Thanks to its innovative methods, Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. undertakes the planning and implementation of increasingly popular alternative heat centers and heating systems. It also serves its clients as a consultant and designer in investments that use thermal water for heating purposes.

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