Road and other utilities

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. undertakes the implementation of any road and other underground utility project for its private and municipal clients.

Access roads, bicycle paths, urban planning

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. plays an important role in the implementation of community infrastructure investments, it takes a role in the construction, renovation and arrangement of urban spaces: in the design of access roads, bicycle paths, squares and parks, sports fields and visitor centers.
These works are realized in the center of public attention and have significant functional and aesthetic value. Therefore, during construction, Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. strives with maximum effort to protect the urban environment and not make life difficult for the residents.

Parking lots

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. serves as a reference in solving complex construction tasks that require precise organization and coordination.
The parking lot construction activity includes the following operations:

  • earthwork;
  • wire laying;
  • casing construction.


Drinking water, sewage and electrical networks

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. has many years of practical experience in the preparation, feasibility study, planning and execution of complex projects including road construction and other public utility construction.

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