Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft., previously named SADE-Hungary Mélyépító Kft., participated in the development of telecommunications at the national level for many years, becoming a recognized expert in the construction, commissioning and maintenance of telecommunications networks.
The company has technological expertise related to telecommunications systems and offers a full range of services:

  • call center management;
  • network repair;
  • intervention on the subscriber's side;
  • maintaining networks;
  • developing a preventive maintenance plan;
  • management and operation of call centers;
  • implementation of new activations;
  • subcriber's equipment set-up;
  • infrastructure work related to network development;
  • cable laying work related to network development.

A designer background allows you to provide a comprehensive service to all your clients.
Whether it is a wired or wireless network, a camera surveillance or access control system, Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. provides a complete service, starting from the feasibility study to the subcriber's equipment set-up.

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