Veolia Energia Magyarország's Hubgrade is responsible for the central recording and display of electricity, heat production and sales, and fuel consumption data.

Tasks include prognoses related to electricity sales and production monitoring functions, exchange rate and market analyses, forecasts, monitoring production, service, and operational processes and providing technical information to specialists. Energy support for internal and external customers, quality control of energy products and services.

Temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, energy produced or consumed, average, peaks, consumption reductions, incidents, etc., publication, visualization and reporting solutions related to the processed information make up Hubgrade's services.

Hubgrade creates an opportunity for Veolia customers to track their consumption online. As the first step of the process, measurement points relevant to energy management (part of building, type of service, etc.) are defined, on which the experts place data recording and transmission devices. Consumption data is recorded at regular intervals by the equipment and transmitted to a central server.

On the one hand, the data is analyzed by Veolia's specialists, and on the other hand, our partners can access the consumption data of any period via an online interface using a personal ID. Through the new service, the planned and actual energy consumption data can be compared, individual consumption characteristics, indicators, and temperature values can be detected. This enables a more precise and optimal management of the energy performance of the facilities, which is a basic condition for optimizing systems, improving energy efficiency and ultimately reducing costs. As an additional element, partners' energy awareness increases and network losses decrease.