Wastewater treatment

With the help of its employees, services and technologies, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. offers a complete and effective solution to any environmental protection problem you may have.

Municipal wastewater treatment

Thanks to Veolia's development centers and subsidiaries supplying technological solutions, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. lists the entire arsenal of municipal wastewater treatment processes known today. Depending on the needs and the problem to be solved, it offers wastewater treatment and recirculation systems, from compact systems to traditional biological activated sludge and complex solutions combined with membrane technology and UV filtration. Their processes include internationally recognized methods from the primary cleaning stage to the tertiary cleaning procedures, such as ActifloTM, BiostyrTM or MBBR technologiesTM.
In addition to these, as additional services of municipal wastewater treatment, special attention is also paid to the procedures that are intended to ensure the treatment and utilization of excess sludge produced during cleaning and the elimination of odors during the cleaning process.


Industrial wastewater treatment

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies Magyarország Zrt. has nearly two decades of experience in the field of industrial wastewater treatment. Its employees have managed more than two hundred industrial projects, and have implemented and commissioned industrial wastewater treatment systems. The technological background of VWS offers well-established and successfully applied processes in all segments of industry (chemical industry, mechanical engineering, energy industry, automotive industry, metal production, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, mining, etc.).
Most of the technological solutions and equipment of VWS are developed in-house, while some unique processes are provided by partners specialized in the given field. All technological processes are designed according to the highest quality standards.
Standard solutions can be delivered and commissioned in a short turnaround time. Several of these are composed of modular elements, thanks to which they can be easily integrated into existing systems.

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