The activities of Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. cover all stages of the water cycle: from the planning and implementation of networks, through the extraction of water in the natural environment, to treatment and disposal after use. All of this includes transport and distribution lines, connections and related artefacts.

Drinking water

Building pipelines in any diameter from any type of material (cast iron, steel, KPE, PVC and ÜPE) to ensure drinking water supply.


  • drilling wells and extracting water;
  • laying wires and connections;
  • ensuring the adequacy of hydraulic equipment, as well as the construction of related artefacts.



For wastewater treatment purposes, it builds pipelines of any diameter from any type of material (clay, concrete, cast iron, CPE, PVC and ÜPE).

  • proper fencing of the construction area;
  • carrying out preliminary test drillings;
  • relocation of chattels in the area;
  • carrying out earthworks;
  • digging ditches;
  • possible replacement of the existing line;
  • construction of wires and connections;
  • placement of concrete and reinforced concrete manholes;
  • masonry works during the construction of shafts, ladders, manholes, and sewer openings;
  • restoration of the road surface.


Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft.'s qualified construction teams build open and closed storm sewer systems for municipal and private customers.


Specific networks: fire water and irrigation water systems

Veolia Mélyépító Magyarország Kft. offers its customers turnkey solutions in the field of planning and implementation of fire water and irrigation water networks.
In the case of specific networks, planning is extremely important, since the goal is to create reliable and easy-to-operate systems.

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