In November 2013 the sale of fourth edition crystal decanter began in frame of the water project Water for Africa. Decanters are in this time decorated with zebra motif. The gain of sale will be forwarded to the public collections of actual aid of People in Need.

The funds will be used to repair the selected water borehole on the Ethiopian countryside. Charity Project Water for Africa is organized by Veolia, Veolia Foundation, together with its partners.

Veolia and Veolia Foundation have succeeded with a benefit sale of decanters already three times. Yield: CZK 1.21 million to help fund projects in support of water resources in Ethiopia, which People in Need implements by the public collections of Real help. The gain from last year's sales was used for the construction of public water supply in an Ethiopian village HANS, which was put into operation last summer.


Simon Panek, director of People in Need:

“Veolia and Veolia NF supported us via selling decanters already three times. Drinking water is one of the biggest issues in the region and our organization People in Need has long experience with the solution. Thank everyone who bought the decanter. Raising money from the sale also has a nice decanters idea and involves the public.”


Honza Dolínek, director of Veolia Foundation:

“By buying decanters people gain not only a unique gift but also the pleasure of multiple aid. We help again in Ethiopia and will support PIN which implements our common help in Africa.  The choice of untraditional selling points is the value added this year - who does not want to pay postage, can buy decanter directly and promote great non-profit protected café or restaurant, shop with Fair trade coffee or a charity shop by his visit. Once again we give the opportunity to help to people with disabilities who are involved in packing and shipping carafes. "