Hungarian speaker at The Inspiration Days

Gábor Tatár-Kiss, Director of Small Power Plants of CHP Erőmű Kft. held a presentation at a large-scale event of Veolia in Brussels

500 senior managers of Veolia gathered in Brussels between March 19th and 21st to share information and ideas about the future of the group which is present in five continents and employs more than 220 000 people. The meeting also offered a good opportunity for the senior managers to learn about innovations in operation in various fields and get inspiration from the good practices.

500 managers from 51 countries met in Belgium in the middle of March where many external partners and experts from different countries held presentations, among them Gábor Tatár-Kiss, Director of Small Power Plants of CHP Erőmű Kft. from Hungary.

Some members of the top management of Veolia including Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO, held presentations on the first day of the event, while a professional exhibition was held on the second with the participation of the 8 group zones. Central and Eastern Europe Zone invited speakers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and from Hungary.

„I presented the virtual power plant solutions operated by CHP Erőmű from one control room, and received many questions from the interested colleagues about the different contract solutions, the trading of electricity and the technical parameters. I also had the chance to listen to many other interesting presentations. For example, the German and Romanian colleagues each presented a geothermal solution project, while the Czech presentation was about a co-fired boiler project” – said Gabor Tatar-Kiss.

Hungary was represented by 7 delegates; Ferenc Fernezelyi, Commercial and Key Accounts Director shared his impressions with us:

„It was inspiring to see at first hand the versatility of know-how and experience of the colleagues from different countries and the potentials of such a diverse company. I am convinced once more about the commitment of Veolia to the green solutions, and the desire to implement them as soon as possible in most areas. I have the impression that the whole group is in motion, and I returned with a very optimistic and clear vision. For me The Inspiration Days were a very positive experience”.

The presentations confirmed that the group’s capacity for innovation is strong, and when it is combined with 170 years of professional experience, the results can be outstanding. GreenUP, the new strategic program of Veolia strongly motivates employees and helps the BU’s to find innovative and digital solutions for the decarbonisation, the depollution and the reuse of the resources, such as Hubgrade, Veolia Secure GPT or the membrane technology.