The Second Pécs Company Night

The representatives of Veolia welcomed the visitors at the Autumn Job Harvest

The Pécs Company Night was held on 7th of October, where visitors could meet the representatives of Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt., member of the Veolia Hungary Group. The event offered an opportunity for the visitors, including university students, to meet the management and representatives of the most important companies in the region and eventually to find jobs.

The main objective of the Pécs Company Night, which started in the summer of 2022 as a grassroots initiative, is to promote the local companies in a relaxed and pleasant environment, present the region’s values and at the same time support and „place on the map” various restaurants. Thanks to this idea, it is in an unusual context that the visitors and university students can meet the most prominent organisations of the region that offer jobs. The Pécs Company Night is a very good opportunity for jobseekers, university students, those looking for new challenges, to get to know the future working environment, feel the companies’ atmosphere, understand the way of working of a specific company, and all this before making a commitment.

This year, after the success of the first such event in July, the second Pécs Company Night was held on the 7th of October. The event, named the Autumn Job Harvest, not only offered visitors the opportunity to learn about vacant jobs, but also to get to know the companies and their employees in an informal way, play and win prizes. Visitors could meet the managers and representatives of around 40 local companies, among them those of Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt., member of the Veolia Hungary Group, in the restaurants and cafes of the Pécs city centre.

Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt. offered the visitors two games and several informative brochures at its stand in the Azzura Ristorante. One of the games was a quiz about the biomass activity of the power plant, the other was a puzzle about the main stages of the heat and electric power production starting from the boiler. Those who succeeded got small give-aways, pens, stress balls, cell phone holders, and could choose a drink in the restaurant. Jobseekers, young and talented university students could meet an international organisation that can offer them stabile and long-term jobs, professional challenges and interesting tasks.

The program included a VIP networking section where managers, HR and marketing specialists of the companies could exchange their ideas, could get to know each other’s culture, activities and discover common grounds for cooperation.

The Autumn Job Harvest was a success; it provided an excellent forum for a great number of jobseekers, employees, young talents, and students to find a guideline to their future profession; and for the companies who benefited from better understanding the needs of the present labour market.


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