Veolia Has Given Financial Support for the Creation of Equality

Veolia contributed HUF 1 million to Molnár Gábor Műhely Alapítvány, the foundation working with people with disabilities, to organize the Day of Equal Opportunities in Ajka.

Molnár Gábor Műhely Alapítvány organised the Day of Equal Opportunities in the town of Ajka on September 23, focusing on disadvantaged workers and people, or those with disabilities. The aim of the event was to bring together people facing difficulties and those living with full abilities.

According to the latest research, 2.3% of people living in Hungary are physically disabled, 0.7% are visually impaired, 0.6% are hearing impaired, 0.5% have speech problems, 0.5% have severe internal disabilities, and 0.4% are mentally disabled. Unfortunately, people with limited abilities and disabilities often start life with a disadvantage; they are offered fewer opportunities, and are often not given the appropriate support or care, or equal treatment they deserve.

The Day of Equal Opportunities has been organized in Ajka for many years with the main purpose of bringing together the healthy, the young, the elderly and the disabled. The participants of the event could experience the challenges that others face every day through various playful activities, thereby contributing to breaking down the barriers and reducing prejudices.

This year, Bakonyi Erőmű Zrt., a member of the Veolia group gave HUF 1 million to Gábor Molnár Műhely Alapítvány, the main organizer of the event. The foundation provides work for 115 persons with limited working capacity or disability. On behalf of the company, Attila Vollár, the CEO of the power plant of Ajka, personally addressed the participants.

"As a key player in the Hungarian energy sector, we feel it is our responsibility to support similar efforts. We can only become an important, economically and socially useful actor in the short and long term, if our activities are based on real values and these are conveyed to the outside world through our objectives and services. Respect, responsibility and solidarity are fundamental values for us, so we are ready to support similar initiatives as much as possible."

The Day of Equal Opportunities started with a collective Zumba exercise for people with both limited and full abilities. In the tents set up in the park, visitors could take part in crafts activities, awareness raising programs and watch a therapy dog demonstration. Children could ride horses, make paintings, while adults could learn life-saving skills. In addition to meeting the disadvantaged, those interested could watch a variety of programs organized by Buksi Suli, the Szent-György Albert Vocational School, the Malta Charity Service, the Hungarian Equestrian Sports Association of the Disabled and "Avar Ajka" Nonprofit Kft. The visitors could enjoy a concert by Fláre Beás and Hangadók in the early morning and a concert by Jazzy Funtazi in the afternoon.