An air-conditioned shaft to a depth of 1,300 meters

The largest mining company in the Czech Republic has put its faith in Dalkia to supply electricity and provide heating, hot water and compressed air for its coal mines.
OKD klimatizovaná šachta

OKD klimatizovaná šachta
Archiv OKD


Since 2010, Dalkia has been managing facilities used to produce and supply heating, electricity and compressed air for the OKD Group, based in Ostrava. Modernizing mining facilities and ensuring the safety of miners have been a focal point of the initiatives. One of Dalkia’s solutions has involved installing a tri-generation plant to supply heating, electricity and compressed air – all in line with mining requirements, which leave no room for error. Dalkia also supplies cooling to provide air-conditioning for a mine shaft reaching to a depth of 1,300 meters. Cooling is generated by three turbo compressors with an output of 10 MW, which could subsequently be boosted to 13 MW. All three machines use environmentally friendly coolant.



Key figures

  • 943 GWh of electricity per year
  • 1.6 billion cubic meters of compressed air per year
  • 10 MW of cooling power


Customer benefits

  • Increased energy efficiency at the site through tri-generation
  • Smaller carbon footprint



Optimizing energy processes:

  • Secure energy supply
  • Reliable energy facilities

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274 GWh of heat per year

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