Biomass replaces coal

Over 15% of the total energy for heating networks comes from biomass.


Power plants supplying the district heating networks for the city of Lodz generate energy from biomass. Dalkia helped to upgrade the system by investing in boilers and a comprehensive logistics system for sourcing. As a result, over 15% of total energy produced for these networks came from clean sources in 2012. Buoyed by these successes, the two cities continue to reduce their carbon footprint while promoting balanced growth and improved quality of life for local people. As part of its performance-based commitment, Veolia provides a complete range of services that includes promoting demand-side management, electricity supply and management of heating facilities.


Lodz is home to Poland’s second-largest heating network, which meets 60% of the city's heating needs and serves some 500,000 people. Poznan lies 300 km west of Warsaw and is one of the country’s biggest urban centers, with a population of 600,000. Its network provides heating for 200,000 people. Dalkia is an integral part of city-center refurbishment initiatives, connecting buildings to the heating network and eliminating the need for individual coal-fired stoves, which are a major source of CO2 pollution and a potential fire hazard.


Tomasz Sadzyński
Chairman of the Board for the Lodz Special Economic Zone

Thanks to Dalkia's professional approach to energy management, we can offer our investors an economically viable, environmentally friendly heating solution, including integrated management of heating facilities.”


Key figures

  • 587,000 metric tons of CO2 prevented in Poznan and Lodz
  • 915,000 MWh of clean heating per year

Customer benefits

  • Operational excellence: optimal management of heating networks
  • Contribution to local economic development
  • A more secure and diverse power supply



  • Ensuring the quality, availability and competitive cost of heating through an improved approach to the energy mix, comprehensive operations and facilities management.
  • Biomass supply, installation and operations.


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634,000 metric tons of biomass burned
per year

492,000 MWh of clean electricity
per year