Waste management

Urban cleaning services play an important role in maintaining the attractiveness of cities. For towns and cities that depend mainly on tourism the cleanliness of streets and public spaces is of major importance as far as the promotion of their image is concerned.


The proper collection, sorting and disposal of municipal solid waste are just as important. Waste management services are provided by Veolia in accordance with international standards.

The waste incineration plant of Veolia located in Dorog is one of the largest plants of this kind in Hungary, the plant primarily focuses on the complex disposal of hazardous wastes, and the destruction of products and goods seized by the customs services, however, the services offered by the plant also include the pre-treatment and recycling of different types of waste. The Dorog incineration plant currently employs 72 people, and it can incinerate up to 35,000 tons of waste in a year on average. The modernization of the incineration plant and developments enhancing the protection of environment are considered by Veolia to be of utmost importance which is why it spent HUF 730 million on them in recent years.