Corporate Responsibility

Veolia cultivates its activities as a socially responsible company, imbuing its corporate strategy with working practices and attitudes that contribute to sustainable development. We strive for economic, social and environmental balance.

In the economic sphere, Veolia fosters good relations with all customers, voluntarily committing itself to outstanding performance levels, as well as with suppliers and shareholders. Successful business in this sector relies on highly professional services and the development of new technologies and innovations in the field. The company has its own code of ethics and promotes its own purchasing strategy.

In the social dimension of CSR, Veolia provides equal opportunities for men and women, protects the health and safety of employees, and goes to great lengths to organize and give staff further training opportunities. The company consistently focuses on raising awareness and educating children and youth in the spirit of environmental protection. It has set up its own foundation to implement internally developed social and environmental projects and support the efforts of other non-profit organizations. Veolia Voda encourages its employees to take up voluntary work.


From a green perspective, Veolia Voda applies innovative, environmentally friendly working practices and methods. All staff help put the company's ecological mindset into practice. The company contributes to biodiversity conservation by planting trees, returning fish to rivers and supporting the like-minded projects of its employees and other organizations.