Energy economy related services


Veolia provides industrial companies, municipalities and other public institutions with the operation of their energy-generating units according to individual needs and in accordance with the appropriate technical and cost-saving requirements: heating, cooling and air conditioning, the operation of buildings and other infrastructures with appropriate technical supervision and personnel; and in the case of industrial companies, the production of steam, compressed air and vacuum, as well as the production of electricity and the full maintenance of the production plant.
Based on the generally long-term agreements, Veolia ensures the selection of the appropriate primary energy carrier and its most economical use; operates and maintains the heating and cooling system taken over for treatment with high efficiency; hires and manages the personnel supervising the facility in its own staff; and in many cases, with warranty service, it preserves the new condition of the operated system. In addition to all these activities, it carries out the measurements, inspections, and regulations specified in the regulations, and pays particular attention to compliance with environmental regulations.

Industrial customers
Every unit of an industrial company has functions that are essential for efficient operation, but at the same time do not belong to the company's main scope of activity. By operating energy-producing and production-supporting systems, Veolia helps its customers to optimally reallocate their resources, thereby increasing the efficiency of their production processes. The aim of the company group is to develop individual solutions that meet the needs of industrial plants and their energetic needs, with which it creates long-term cooperation with the customers' objectives in mind.

Healthcare institutions
In terms of energy consumption, hospitals and medical institutions can be considered consumers with special needs: due to continuous operation, they have a stable high heat demand, partly due to the supply of wards and partly due to other services. The opportunities and technical solutions arising from Veolia's approach to energy services can provide these institutions with a significant reduction in energy costs.

State and municipal institutions and companies
The rationalization of energy costs is not only a priority for productive industrial companies to ensure daily operations and competitiveness, but it can also bring significant savings to state and local government institutions. Veolia has several decades of experience in meeting the energy needs of the public sector and in optimizing the energy management of institutions.
As a first step, the specialists assess the operation of the system and the savings opportunities during a complex energy audit. Based on the experience of the survey, they propose the measures that can be used to reduce energy consumption, and present the development opportunities that can further reduce energy costs. If required, the experts plan and carry out the necessary improvements, operate and maintain the systems, as part of which the savings results are continuously measured and checked.