We helped make Christmas better for almost two hundred children

The charity campaigns carried out by the employees were a great success again.

Veolia Energia Magyarország Zrt. united its efforts again to support families and children in need. Similarly to previous years’ practice, our company organised a charity campaign again in 2023 for the employees wishing to make families and children in need happier.

The employees of the Hungarian BU of Veolia helped make Christmas better again by participating in the donation programs. This year, thanks to the growing popularity of the campaign, more programs were offered to the employees: they could send gifts and non-perishable food items to two institutions and one association.

In cooperation with the Cseppkő Children’s Home, our employees could become a Christmas angel for a chosen child and fulfil the children’s wishes. The organizers of the gift collecting campaign interviewed every child about their wishes and forwarded the wish-list to our company. The gift givers could choose from this list and send a package individually to the chosen children.

The Tegyél egy Szebb Jövőért Egyesület (Act for a Brighter Future Association) in Bátonyterenye also invited our employees to an open charity program. The employees prepared shoe box packages, containing toys, clothes, hygienic products, and food, which the association forwarded to families. With the help of the Social and Child Welfare Centre we sent similar Christmas packages to the families and children living in difficult circumstances in Szakoly.

In the last days of the campaign, the gift box pile stored in an office room of Veolia HQ before delivery was so high that no one could see through the window from the street.

„It was really touching to see that just one day after the launching of the campaign each child on the list had found an „angel”. Many were very moved by a little boy whose greatest wish of all was to find a soccer ball under the Christmas tree. His dream has been fulfilled, the ball will be waiting for him there.

In addition, a big number of families can cook cookies or Christmas dinners from the food packages offered by the employees. And the huge quantity of toys on the way to the destinations will certainly bring a smile to the faces of many young children”- said Dóra Makkay from HR development, one of the organizers.

We are filled with joy to be part of the cooperation and the charity, giving care to those who need it, especially this time of the year.

A big thanks to all our employees for their help and their wholehearted support!