Waste management

The recovery of materials helps conserve primary natural resources by turning waste into replacement energy products. By developing recovery solutions that provide its customers with quality secondary raw materials, Veolia has become the benchmark producer of renewable resources.



Veolia is continuous searching for new ways of recycling which helped the company become a key brand in the industry of renewable resources generation.
Processes patented by Veolia apply various different technologies for locating plastic parts in and removing them from waste consisting of electric and electronic equipment before they are ground to 10 mm pieces. The industrial solutions offered by Veolia are both flexible and diverse, while they guarantee excellent detectability and a high rate of recycling.


Plastic materials

Veolia has developed an industrialized separation process that identifies, separates and classifies the different types of plastics. With the help of this technology Veolia can guarantee that the purity of recycled plastics is above 99 per cent. This allows manufacturers to set up a closed-loop recycling system that significantly reduces their raw material demand. 

Recycling manufacturing waste materials and fluids

Veolia offers a solution for recycling metal structure waste from car production which includes the recycling of metal parts and the recovery of high value lubricating oil.
The excellent results that Veolia achieved in the recovery of solvents in the same industry, allow Veolia to offer clients comprehensive services: it supplies paint shops with the required goods, it collects and regenerates spent solvents in order to ensure that they can be used again.


Composting, managing organic waste

The composting plants of Veolia apply the Aerocontrol process to develop organic soil improvers. Aerocontrol is a homogenous process which accelerates the fermentation of compost.